You are my healer, confidant, mentor, and light;

my patience, strength, endurance, my comfort and joy.

You are my teacher, perseverance, tranquility

and always my hope.


You are my provider, my healer and guide

who straightens my path

when I sadly zig zag from side to side.


You are my confidence when I am in doubt,

You are my life support when I’m about to go under

while sailing through a difficult storm.


You quench my thirst, you care for me, and

your grace do kindly provide, even in spite of who I am.


You’ve given me life not once, but twice, and

Still allow me to reside within your loving realm.

You show me kindness, you show me love

which in your name I try to abide.


My earthly father I did not know,

but thanks to your word

in my heart your love grows.


You offer me joy as you lighten my burdens,

and always hear when I knock on your door.

You’ve never gone silent for more than a minute,

but when you have, usually the lesson given,

more often than not I did indeed learned it.


You stand by my side whatever I’m doing

care for me always in spite of my faults.

You bestow me your grace and

lavish me with your mercy.


You are my everything,

You are my I AM!

May 11, 2017