The Latin American Jewish Congress, the regional branch of the World Jewish Congress, will co-facilitate the signing of a declaration of coexistence, together with Latin American Episcopal Council, the Latin American Council of Churches, and the Islamic Organization for Latin America and the Caribbean. The declaration, ‘Latin America and the Caribbean: Region of interreligious coexistence’, will be signed on Monday in Córdoba, Argentina. 

In a statement ahead of the signing, the partners said:

“As leaders of different religious traditions in Latin America and the Caribbean, confident that our region is a blessed place with a huge plurality of cultures, ideas, races and idiosyncrasies, we work to help our societies interact with greater fraternity.

“With this spirit, and with the objective of strengthening coexistence and protecting the pluralism of our region, the four Latin American organizations representing the most important monotheistic traditions of the subcontinent will sign a declaration stating that Latin America and the Caribbean are zones of interreligious coexistence.

“Honoring the memory of the ancestral coexistence between Muslims, Christians and Jews that characterized Cordoba of medieval Spain, cradle of great processes of change with international incidence, is no accident.

“This declaration will be the starting point for the creation and deepening of programs and projects that promote this interreligious Latin American and Caribbean coexistence, which is in itself a blessing and a distinctive sign of our region.”