100.3 The Sound Signing Off As Station Goes From Classic To Christian Rock

    Within a few weeks, the classic rock music of 100.3 The Sound will be replaced by syndicated contemporary Christian music.

    The Los Angeles airwaves will rock a little less now that a beloved classic rock station goes from playing the hits to playing the hymns.

    DJs at 100.3 The Sound have been bidding their loyal listeners farewell with the news that the 10-year-old station will switch its format to Christian rock this Thursday.

    “I’ve known the audience, and they’ve known me for many years,” velvety-voiced disc jockey “Uncle Joe” Benson tells CBS2 News. He says he’ll miss the music most of all.

    It’s a transition for a radio station that almost never happened.

    “Our ownership at the time wanted to do this, even though the research told them not to,” says program director Dave Beasing.

    “The listeners have embraced the station like nothing I’ve ever been a part of,” Beasing tells CBS2.

    100.3 will become Christian rock station K-LOVE as part of CBS Radio’s merger with communications company Entercom, Variety reports.

    The affinity for the station has been made evident over that last few days, with listeners calling in and professing their love for The Sound and the loss they’ll feel.

    Emails in support of the station are plastered all over the studio as a reminder of their impact.

    A group of listeners even made a banner with The Sound’s logo that will be signed by the DJs and auctioned off to help pay the medicals bills for one of them.

    “I don’t know how much time we’ve got left,” Uncle Joe tells his audience, “but I’m gonna make the most of it.”

    Benson says he has the perfect song for when he puts the needle to wax for the last time: “In the End” by The Beatles.

    “The lyrics are, ‘The love you take is equal to the love you make.’ To me, it’s very heartfelt,” says Benson. “It’s how I view the music and how I view the audience.”

    The Sound uploaded a video to YouTube Thursday showing their DJ’s alongside rock ‘n’ roll greats like Ringo Starr and Sammy Hagar, as a tribute to the station, its staff and its fans.

    A less somber video up Tuesday shows a woman on the streets of Hollywood proclaiming “the end is near” for The Sound.