1. When paying your consumption, mention where you saw the ad at this site.
  2. A ticket will be given to fill out your information (name, phone, and email)
  3. Every day 15 (or 16 in case of falling on Tuesday) the raffle will be held in the restaurant.
  4. Each month the raffle is made, all participating tickets will be eliminated.
  5. The winner will be informed by phone and/or by email.
  6. The winner can enjoy a meal for two people that includes for each one:
    -A drink
    -An entry
    -A main dish
    -A dessert

For your convenience, we have two hours of parking with preferential rate ($ 5.00 MN for two hours, with the ticket stamped by the restaurant)

Please take into account the following:

  • If it exceeds two hours they will charge the parking with the nominal rate from the first hour.
  • Friday and Saturday the preferential parking rate only applies if you leave before 8 pm, starting at 8 pm, Friday and Saturday rate is $ 100.00 MN.