Christian Church Under Attack as Christians Are Arrested and Tortured for Preaching the Gospel in Sudan

The Church is under attack in Sudan, and Christians are being arrested and brutally tortured to the brink of death for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We recently told you about 12 Christian men who were rounded up in Sudan for publicly preaching in the predominantly Muslim nation.

Those innocent men were among 13 Christians that were reportedly arrested and subjected to brutal torture by the Sudanese authorities.

Thirteen Christians were reportedly tortured by authorities in Sudan, leaving one vomiting and bleeding in critical condition, before they were released on Monday.

The Christians that were tortured include the 12 that were arrested by the Sudan National Intelligence and Security Services in Darfur earlier in October, along with church leader Tajaldin Idriss Yousif.

Though they’ve since been released, all of the innocent Christian men are now in poor condition, and at least one is said to be in critical conditions as a result of this horrific abuse.

“All of them were said to be tortured by NISS and are in bad shape,” a source told the persecution monitoring group.

“One of them is said to be in critical condition owing to torture. He is said to have been vomiting and bleeding. He was rushed to a hospital, but he was not attended to by the physicians in that hospital,” the source added.

The Christians were originally handcuffed and arrested for interacting with Muslims in the predominantly Islamic region, International Christian Concern said.

“The arrests were done at Nyala market while the young men were interacting with Islam adherents, building rapport for witnessing, when Sudan’s security authorities surrounded them and led them to the police station, handcuffed,” said at the time ICC’s source, the Rev. Kuwa Shamal.

“Some of the arrested men are disciples that I baptized in 2015 when they left Islam and converted to Christianity. The detainees have been doing a recommendable work of sharing the Good News in Darfur, and we pray for their immediate and unconditional release,” Kuwa added.

We’ve told you how the Sudanese government has continued to persecute and harass Christians in an attempt to take over or shut down Christian churches in the region.

The Sudanese government has repeatedly oppressed the Christian community by interfering with their land and places of worship. For example, in 2014 officials made a statement that no new churches could be built in Sudan. Additionally, in 2012, the Ministry of Endowment canceled the democratically elected committee that had been in place since 1902 to oversee church property, and appointed a corrupt committee that sold most of the church’s land. The Administration court issued a decision in February 2015 ruling that the ministry has no right to appoint this committee and the elected committee had the legal power to deal with church land.

Unfortunately, the Sudanese government has not implemented the court’s decision and has allowed the corrupt committee to remain in power. And now the illegitimate committee intends to sell off the church land after demolition of the buildings in order to reap a profit . . . If relief is not granted to these churches, over 25 Sudanese Christian congregations will lose their beloved places of worship and community.

These incidents appear to be a clear, calculated attack on the Christian faith by the Sudanese government.

If something is not done soon to stop this deliberate extermination of the Christian Church in Sudan, the outlook is grim. Violence against Christians is spreading like a wildfire across much of Africa. We’ve been reporting of the violence and persecution against Christians in Nigeria and Kenya, and the local governments seem unable or unwilling to do anything.

Christians could soon be extinct in some areas of the continent. It is imperative we take action to defend our Christian brothers and sisters across the globe.

No government should be allowed to barbarically torture its people for any reason – let alone for their Christian faith. We cannot let Christians be driven to extinction.

We need the international community to take action and end this violent nightmare. Christians must be protected and be allowed to live and worship in peace.

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