Mr Pope, when the good ones are silent, the bad guys win


    The face of Catholic genocidal anti-Semitism resurges in Pruchnik, Poland and Pope Francis reacts like a Pius XII and does nothing.

    They teach children to whip and burn “Jews”; They attack the American ambassador for “daring to wish a happy Peisaj to the Polish Jews – for doing so in a Catholic country,” the critics say.

    While, in Ukraine, the land of Chmelnytsky (the wildest of assassins until the arrival of Hitler and Stalin) choose a Jewish President demonstrating that if there can be a change achieving something inconceivable just a few days ago, in Poland supported by his government and His Church, the population “revives” the “tradition” of the burning of Judas that in that country and the whole region, was translated from a “burning of sphinxes” into a real burning of millions of people.

    Thanks to this “noble tradition” the Germans chose Poland for their extermination camps because they knew that there, the population and the Catholic Church would support them or at least not hinder them and this is how it happened.

    In the following photo taken in 1941 (when the Germans had already established the segregation of Polish citizens of Jewish religion of Catholics) in these same villages it was “celebrated” with the support of the Church and the distribution of good doses of vodka. burning of Judas in Holy Week.

    “Innocent” Polish children from Pruchnik in 1941 prepare to celebrate Holy Week by burning the sphinxes of a Jew. A few months later, all Poles of Jewish religion were being burned alive.

    In full German occupation, the Polish population, instead of worrying about their national salvation, tried to “guarantee” their personal salvation by burning first and Jewish figures of flesh and blood later.

    Today, well rather yesterday, in full 2019 in the town of Pruchnik the ‘good’ Polish citizens – today citizens of Europe (!!) have dedicated themselves to teaching the new generations this “beautiful tradition” that consists of whipping and burning sphinxes clearly identifiable as Jews to punish them for the crucifixion (or will it be for the resuscitation that without the first would not have been physically possible?) Well, for whatever the case is that they are again being taught the same “beautiful Catholic traditions” that we know they ended and allowed when they did not help in the murder of 6 million people just 75 years ago.

    They say that today we live in another world (!!) that we have learned, that the Church has acknowledged its mistakes, but then if so, because this new Catholic Church, apparently so interested in dialogue and coexistence with the whole world, declares – if only I declare- that he condemns these facts.

    Why do not I excommunicate those who did it? Why did not the priests who allowed it lock up in a convent?

    Why do not you set a clear example that demonstrates with unmistakable acts that today the church is different from that of a few decades ago?

    Does the Vatican not realize that its lukewarm reaction translates into support for these extremists?

    Do not you realize that the message of love and friendship is only valid when it is reinforced with acts and not with simple statements?

    The Pope should have been clearer, more forceful, more Pope and have condemned, excommunicated and expelled from the church whom they allowed to collaborate and perform these acts to demonstrate and make it clear that in His Church, there is no room for them.

    But he did not do it and he did not do it for the same reasons that Pio Xi did not do it either and it is not to provoke the extreme right even when there are no German guns pointing to the monasteries or chasing anyone.

    But the Pope did not react to this clear provocation or to any of those that are repeated more and more frequently in a Europe that every day looks more like that of the 30’s with full awareness of all.

    If the Pope, Trump and others continue to support – or ignore these fundamentalist rights – we can all be sure that we will relive the “exciting” confrontations of the last century, which this time, as then, will not bring back no messiah, but they will result in the futile death of many innocents.

    Mr. Pope, please learn from the mistakes of past hierarchs of your Church, be clear and forceful in your message and do not allow the new fascists -which are the same ones from the past- to destroy all the values ​​for which you have fought since I took Possession of the position.

    Although it is not obvious there is no time to waste, every day of silence is a day of support for the murderers of tomorrow.

    Poland is, as local extremists say, a mostly Catholic country. Show them the power of their Church and their beliefs and punish exemplary extremists. Give your support to the forces of good because only when the good silence, the bad win.