Iglesia Ni Cristo Is Growing In Portugal – And Around The World

How Iglesia Ni Cristo Is Sharing Faith On A Global Scale

Iglesia Ni Cristo members are working to share their faith around the world, both by providing aid to communities in need and inviting others to share their love for Christ. The Church works to invite all to learn more about their faith, regardless of their religious or economic backgrounds.

Iglesia Ni Cristo In Portugal

The Church has been growing rapidly in Portugal, as evidenced by recent Lisbon worship services and baptisms. In May of 2020, Brother Julius Lansangan administered baptism services to two Lisbon residents.

In many Christian churches – including Iglesia Ni Cristo – baptism isn’t a decision that parents make for a child. Rather, baptism is a fully informed decision made by an adult that allows them to publicly profess their commitment to Christ.

Baby baptism is a commitment of parents to raise a child with Christ’s teachings, but adult baptism shows an adult’s choice to begin or continue down a Christ-following path. Many followers of Christ choose to invite family and friends to their baptism, creating a celebration of their commitment.

Iglesia Ni Cristo is proud to work both with those who grew up following Christ and those who are new to Christianity by baptizing them and welcoming them to the faith.

The Church In New Zealand

Currently, Iglesia Ni Cristo choir members in New Zealand are working to grow the church by inviting family and friends to their church home – while still remaining cautious of COVID-19. The service was available through videoconferencing, making it easy for interested parties to attend from anywhere in the world.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Around The World

Currently, Iglesia Ni Cristo has members in 158 countries and is celebrating its 107th anniversary. There are more than 7,000 Iglesia Ni Cristo congregations around the world, making it easy for both Church members and those who are interested in learning more about the faith to find a nearby house of worship.

The Church did not expand outside of the Philippines until 1968 when the first non-Filipino branch of the Church was opened in Hawaii. The Church grew quickly thereafter, establishing a radio station in 1969 and a television ministry show in 1983.

While Iglesia Ni Cristo was founded in the Philippines, the religion has taken hold in many countries around the world, including the United States and Puerto Rico, Canada, and Portugal. The Church works to spread its mission, love, and faith to people worldwide, and welcomes new members.

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